How to implement this customisation option

NiTrideDesign provides a custom engraving option to customers, so that their purchased products can be personalised and hold deeper meanings. If you would like to add a custom engraving to a product, tick the custom engraving option and provide in the text field the following details regarding the engraving.

  • Text to Engrave
  • Location of Engraving
  • Size of Engraving
  • Text style / Font

Note: Engravings wont turn out in the following materials listed, due to manufacturing accuracies when working in those materials (All Steel, and Stainless Steel Materials)

What happens next?

Once the order is place, NiTrideDesign will send you images showing you the plans generated for your product with the engraving, to make sure it matches what you had in mind. If anything is incorrect with the plans sent, NiTrideDesign will correct the issues you have before manufacturing your product.

 Please see the example below to have an idea of how your engraving will turn out when added to your product.