Manufactured to the Highest Quality

Shapeways is one of the leading companies that offer manufacturing services to businesses. All of NiTrideDesign products are manufactured by the company Shapeways due to their very wide selection of materials and high-quality finishes. Using the newest technology in production, Shapeways is able to manufacture NiTrideDesign products on-demand with very high quality, at both an accelerated rate, and a very low cost. Shapeways are then able to ship NiTrideDesign products on-demand, ensuring products are packaged to a high standard and are protected for transportation to customers. Shapeways is ISO 9001 Certified for quality control, and has compliant manufacturing facilities in Long Island City, N.Y., and Eindhoven, the Netherlands. When buying a NiTrideDesign product, you are buying a product that is manufactured to the highest quality.

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Designed / Engineered using Top Grade Software

NiTrideDesign products are digitally designed (3D modelled) using the computer softwares, 3Ds Max, and Solidworks. These powerful and advanced top grade softwares, allow NiTrideDesign products to be 3D modelled with high precision and accuracy, so that they can be used as manufacturing plans for the creation of the product through automated manufacturing. These softwares allow NiTrideDesign products to have complex, intricate designs, and through stress testing and simulations, further engineer these designs to have higher structural strength, for cost reduction and a higher quality product. If you are interested in checking out these apps for yourself, use the links below.