Manufactured for High Quality

All of NiTrideDesign products are manufactured by Shapeways. Shapeways is a manufacturing company that fabricates products using advanced 3D printing technologies. Using top end printing technology, Shapeways is therefore able to manufacture products with high quality, for a low price. Check out Shapeways in more detail using the link, and use the referral code ( A27FB8 ) to get 15% OFF your first purchase.

Designed/Engineered using Top Grade Software

All of NiTrideDesign products are digitally designed using the computer softwares 3Ds Max, and Solidworks. These top grade softwares are highly powerful when it comes to designing products, as digital 3D models with very high precision and accuracy can be built and then used as plans for manufacturing. These softwares are what allow NiTrideDesign to exist, as their functionality and tools allow for anything to be possible when designing a product. Solidworks, being an extremely powerful engineering app, allows for advanced modelling capabilities, stress testing through simulations, and much more, allowing designs to be further improved and engineered for low cost and high quality design. If you are interested in checking out these apps, use the links below.