What is NiTrideDesign?

NiTrideDesign is a division of the company NiTride, that specialises in CAD / CG design. When designing products, creativity is one of NiTrideDesign’s strengths, enabling innovative designs to be generated and brought to life that are focused towards being highly aesthetic whilst upholding practicality. Advanced knowledge in the engineering field is another one of NiTrideDesign’s strengths, allowing NiTrideDesign products to be engineered for efficient design, through creating high structural strength designs (to reduce material usage) and through simplifying manufacturing processes, to therefore end up with a final product that is high in quality, and low in cost. The power of “Creativity” and “Engineering” are what NiTrideDesign is built upon, and is what makes NiTrideDesign one of the best.

How the idea for NiTrideDesign was made?

Hi, I'm Nicolas Murdaca and I am the creator of "NiTrideDesign". Being a Mechatronics Engineer, my 3D modelling skills were focused towards creating parts that are structurally strong in shape, simple to manufacture, and low in material usage in order to be as low in cost and efficient as possible, whilst still being highly reliable and safe. Due to this my engineering experience with 3D modelling was far from the creative design work I would enjoy and be interested in, and so I decided as a hobby to work on improving my artistic / creative side to 3D modelling, and less on the technical engineering side. After a while of me improving / developing my artistic skill in 3D modelling, I came up with the idea of combining this artistic / creative side of 3D modelling, with the technical engineering side, thus starting NiTrideDesign, my very own company.

How are the products made?

What type of products does NiTrideDesign specialise in and why?

NiTrideDesign specialises in the creation of Rings, Pendants, and Guitar picks. Having both the mind of an artist and an engineer, I am able to design these products to have high aesthetic value, whilst being built for high strength and low cost.


Nicolas Murdaca

Owner / Creator / Engineer / 3D Artist / Product Designer / Graphics Designer

Nicolas has a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours), majoring in Robotics and Mechatronics, and Sub-majoring in Biomedical Engineering. Through his Engineering experience, Nicolas has comprehensive knowledge and experience using the Engineering softwares, Solidworks, MATLAB, and Visual Studio. He also has knowledge and skills in C++, G code, and PLC’s and Microcontrollers. Through his interests in game development, Nicolas has experience using Unreal Engine, and Substance Painter. Through his experience in website development, Nicolas has great experience in HTML, JavaScript, CSS coding, and experience in using Adobe Photoshop, (for creating website graphics). Nicolas has a huge passion towards creativity, and expresses his creativity through his digital art and product design. As a hobby, Nicolas has a huge passion for music, and spends a lot of his time developing his own music, and practising to improve and work on his musical skills. He also has an interest in writing, and many other creative arts.

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