What is NiTrideDesign?

NiTrideDesign is a division of the company NiTride, that specialises in CAD/ CG design. When designing products, creativity is one of NiTrideDesign’s strengths, enabling innovative designs to be generated and brought to life, that are focused towards being highly aesthetic whilst upholding practicality. NiTrideDesign’s second strength is its advanced knowledge and understanding in the engineering field, allowing for products to be “engineered” to be highly efficient, through making products with high structural strength designs, lowering material usage, and simplifying manufacturing processes, thus resulting in high quality, low in cost product designs. Therefore, “Creative thinking” and “Engineering knowledge” are what NiTrideDesign is built from.

How the idea for NiTrideDesign was made?

Hi, I'm Nicolas Murdaca and I am the creator of "NiTrideDesign". Being a Mechatronics Engineer, my 3D modelling skills were focused towards creating parts that are structurally strong in shape, simple to manufacture, and low in material usage in order to be as low in cost and efficient as possible, whilst still being highly reliable and safe. Due to this my engineering experience with 3D modelling was far from the creative design work I would enjoy and be interested in, and so I decided as a hobby to work on improving my artistic/ creative side to 3D modelling, and less on the technical engineering side. After a while of me improving/developing my artistic skill in 3D modelling, I came up with the idea of combining this artistic/creative side of 3D modelling, with the technical engineering side, thus starting NiTrideDesign, my very own company.

How are the products made?

1) Creating the 3D model/manufacturing plans for the product

The first step that is taken when creating a product is coming up with the idea. Product ideas are formed through extensive brainstorming and research on background information, and through creative thinking an idea on how to shape/3D model the product is thought up. Once an interesting product idea is formulated, the next step taken is bringing this product idea to life. In order to do this, the product idea is designed up using the aid of very powerful 3D modelling softwares. One of these powerful modelling softwares used is 3Ds max, which was developed by the company Autodesk. Use the link below to check out the app. Another one of these powerful modelling softwares used is Solidworks, which was developed by the company Dassault Systèmes. Use the link below to check out the app for yourself.

2) Manufacturing and testing the product

After the 3D model (digital plan) for the product is finished, it is then professionally manufactured by the manufacturing company Shapeways. If you are interested in using Shapeways for manufacturing, or interested in checking out their online marketplace, use the referral code ( A27FB8 ) to get 15% OFF your first purchase. After the product is manufactured, it is then examined to ensure it can be successfully made with no errors. It is then tested for its practical use to ensure it works successfully. After this product pictures for the product are taken, pricing is generated/calculated, and then the product is put up on the store.

3DS Max
By Autodesk

By Dassault Systèmes

Shapeways Manufacturing Company
Get 15% off using referral code ( A27FB8 )

What type of products does NiTrideDesign specialise in and why?

NiTrideDesign specialises in the creation of Rings, Pendants, Guitar picks, and Phone cases. Having both the mind of an artist and an engineer, I am able to design these products to have high aesthetic value, whilst being built for high strength and low cost.

Why Rings and Pendants?

In our day and age, appearance is one of the ways someone represents the type of person they are too the world and others. This representation could be a cultural image, representation of personality, or just a sense of fashion. In saying this, rings, and pendants are a great way people can achieve this, and is the reason why I have decided to focus on designing products in this area. Who doesn’t like to wear a ring or pendant that has a cool design. If you are interested in what rings and pendants I have designed up, check out the store.

Why Guitar Picks?

I decided to focus my work on the design of guitar picks since I have always had a strong passion and connection to music, and mostly spend my spare time either working on improving my musical talent, or working on creating my own music. Having such a strong passion for music, why would I not be spending my time designing mad looking guitar picks, and why wouldn’t I share these designs with the world. If your interested in guitar picks, take a look at my work on guitar pick design in the store.

Why Phone Cases?

I have decided to work on phone case design because in our day and age phones are a big part of peoples lives, helping with communication, navigation, educational support (Google) and are a huge part of peoples source for entertainment, (Games, Videos). Knowing this and the importance phones now have in peoples lives, why would it be a bad idea to design up phone cases, so that people can change the appearance of their phone, whilst giving their precious device a strong protection against getting damaged. If you are interested in getting a phone case check out what designs I have made in the store. 

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