All my rings come in sizes 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12 (US/EU). Although this is true, I do sell in all ring sizes and can on demand make a ring in any ring size specified below. Just email me or place a custom request, asking to purchase that ring in the following size and I will make it available for you to purchase.

Ring Size (US/EU)Diameter
16.45mm / 0.647 inch
6.516.9mm / 0.665 inch
717.3mm / 0.681 inch
7.517.7mm / 0.697 inch
818.2mm / 0.720 inch
8.518.6mm / 0.732 inch
919.0mm / 0.748 inch
9.519.4mm / 0.764 inch
1019.8mm / 0.780 inch
10.520.2mm / 0.795 inch
1120.6mm / 0.811 inch
11.521.0mm / 0.823 inch
1221.4mm / 0.843 inch
12.521.8mm / 0.858 inch
1322.2mm / 0.874 inch

All my guitar picks come in the sizes shown below, except for my guitar pick pendants, which only come in large. If you would like a guitar pick with a custom thickness different too what is shown below, please place a custom request asking for the following.  

Guitar Pick SizeThickness
0.5mm / 0.002 inch
Medium0.7mm / 0.027 inch
Large1.0mm / 0.04 inch

All models/statues I make will be following the sizing format shown below. If you would like a model/statue in a custom size, let me know by placing a custom request asking for the product in the specific size.

Model/Statue SizeHeight
100mm / 3.94 inch
Medium150mm / 5.9 inch
Large250mm / 9.84 inch