Testing how every product turns out when manufactured in every material, is extremely expensive and un-affordable. In saying this, Instead of manufacturing a product in every material before releasing it to the public, why not let the public have the choice to test these products for us? Become a “Beta Tester” for NiTrideDesign by purchasing a product with the Beta Tester tag. You get a 5% discount on every product you Beta Test, and if you receive the product and it has failed the manufacturing stage, you can get a full refund.

As a small company, we greatly appreciate the support you provide when testing our products manufacturability for us. This is why we will give you a 5% refund on your purchase on top of the 5% discount you received, if you do us the favour of providing a high-quality image of the product you purchased to us. That’s a 10% discount in total for a product purchase when Beta Testing a products manufacturability and providing a product image for us. If you like, we will also have you credited in all the pictures you provide us.

Become a Beta Tester and become a big part of NiTrideDesign.